How Newsguru is different


Creating compelling content, whether it’s designed for the audience or search engine optimization, is largely contingent on the richness, novelty, and appeal of the information presented. Google echoes this in an article on AI-generated content, underscoring that the origin of the content is not as crucial as its quality when assigning site reputation and rankings.

NewsGuru is committed to meeting these standards and goes the extra mile to ensure that all content generated is rich in information, original, and intriguing. Our approach is distinct and begins at the foundation of news generation.


First, Phase 1, this is where we consolidate a vast array of news articles every hour. Our sources are not limited to standard news feeds; we also use our own bespoke web crawlers that navigate permissioned, indexable web sites. Running constantly, these sources are sure to discover the latest news as it emerges.

Phase 2 involves our proprietary AI, which intelligently deconstructs this information into concise, topical knowledge pieces. These pieces, relevant to the current news cycle, are then classified and grouped, creating a dynamic ‘knowledge forest’ of up-to-date information.

Phase three is where our AI turns curator, creating articles tailored to each customer’s needs from this knowledge forest. Similar to a human journalist, it isn’t tethered to one source but amalgamates information from multiple sources, producing unique and captivating articles.

Our final step, Phase 4, is where we employ generative AI to style and refine the article so it resonates with your audience – the point where many of our competitors begin. This step takes the completely unique content already generated and crafts it into an article perfectly matched to the tone and style of your publication.

By following our unique 4 step process we deliver unique, high-quality information and we ensure that the articles are distinctively yours, timely, and relevant. Finally,  as Newsguru creates articles for you, it learns what works and what doesn’t, allowing it to further improve its output over time.

Ultimately, NewsGuru guarantees engaging content, promoting user retention and an enhanced web presence.