How do I setup my Account?

The NewsGuru Setup Wizard guides you through the process in a simple step by step approach. If you want further information on how to make the selections this guide provides a simple explanation.

Choosing Key Phrases

Choosing the right Key Phrases will help your site attract the right visitors, its also important that the subjects are broad enough to have regular news items about the subject. We’ve put together 5 useful tips that will guide you to make the best choices. Remember, anything you choose can easily be changed if the results are not quite what you hoped.


Making changes to an existing campaign

Log into the dashboard and click the ‘edit’ button to the right of the campaign row. This will put you in edit mode where you can step through the changes you want to make.

What if Newsguru writes an article I do not like?

If Newsguru writes a story that you do not think fits your messaging you can tell it by using the thumbs down prompt in the article list on your dashboard. The article will be deleted and replaced without cost.

It is a good idea to fill in the field provided to tell the AI why you did not like what it wrote. This activity works to refine your instance of the model to your particular needs.

What if Newsguru creates a picture I do not like?

You can easily replace a picture that you do not like by opening an article page and clicking the ‘Replace Image’ button. You are given a few options to choose from and the image is replaced without cost.

Our data scientists are continually improving the platform including the image creation features.

Is Google OK with Newsguru?

Google is not against the general concept of using AI to generate content. What they are strongly against is low quality content that is created simply by copying someone’s work, making no substantive improvements and reposting that work.

Because of how Newsguru.ai works it will be classed positively because the model works squarely in line with what google is trying to encourage. Read more about how Google’s policy relates to Newsguru.

WordPress plugin

WordPress PlugIn Installation
Download Plugin

  1. Log into your Newsguru account. On the dashboard click on the Connect icon and select Auto posting from the drop-down menu. On the CONNECTION SETUP page select WordPress Plugin. Download and unzip the plugin .zip file.
  2. Log into your WordPress account and navigate to the manage plugin page
    ‘Add new plugin from file’ -> choose from the correct download directory on your computer the downloaded .zip plugin file’
  3. On the Installed plugin page click ‘Activate plugin’.
  4. Now click the new menu item in left hand bar “NewsGuru AI” -> “Login”. This will take you to log into the https://app.newsguru.ai using the username and password you have already created.

The plugin facilitates the connection between the newsguru app and the news page on your website only. Control campaigns from the Newsguru app.

You have the option to let all articles publish directly to WordPress or post in draft form so you can choose which pieces to publish from WordPress.

Here’s a PDF guide to the WordPress Plugin.

Why hallucination is not a problem for Newsguru

Newsguru’s approach to creating content is fundamentally opposite to usual interaction with generative AI. Because the model is deriving its ‘stories’ directly from sources it finds in newsfeeds and the internet, it does not have the problem that is seen in other situations where people are using generative AI to create content. Read this blog for more information on what AI hallucination really means and why it does not happen with Newsguru.