Daily Content Delivery

With NewsGuru, every day is a content bonanza. We craft up to 25 unique, engaging posts based on the day’s news—articles that resonate with your site and audience. From in-depth commentary on trending stories to diverse snippets from around the world, we ensure a daily dose of fresh, diverse content for your site.

Autopost with our WordPress Plugin

Automatically publish stories to a WordPress website by installing the plugin. Here’s a brief tutorial to show you how to set it up.

Personalized ‘House Style'

Every site has its own voice and we respect that. With NewsGuru, you can define the tone of your articles—whether you prefer a professional, casual, or other writing style. NewsGuru adapts to match your brand’s unique voice.

Seamless Automatic Posting

Simplify content publishing with NewsGuru. Choose between Draft and Auto Publish mode. In Draft mode, we post articles on your site in draft form ready for you to put live after review. Or, for a complete hands-free experience, choose Auto Publish—your content goes live instantly, ensuring you’re always ahead in delivering fresh, trending news. For the ultimate in flexibility Library Publishing supports distribution direct from your own personalised library.

Personalised Article Library

Unlock limitless content possibilities with NewsGuru’s personalized article library. Every account comes with an easily accessible hub of unique articles, each crafted specifically for your needs. Reuse them as PDFs or effortlessly copy them into your CMS system, extending your content reach and offering unrivalled distribution flexibility. With NewsGuru, you own the power to captivate your audience anytime, anywhere.

Web Site Agnostic

Embrace diversity with NewsGuru’s universal compatibility. Whether you’re using WordPress or crafting your site with HTML, we’ve got you covered. Our system seamlessly formats content to smoothly integrate with your platform, ensuring no-hassle integration, regardless of your technology or style. With NewsGuru, enjoy the freedom to publish anywhere, effortlessly.

Auto Image Selection

Every article is enhanced with a visually compelling, licensed image, selected by our AI. These images will perfectly complement your content. They are free for use, making your posts not just informative but visually engaging as well.

SEO Optimization

Your NewsGuru articles aren’t just engaging to your audience—they’re also SEO-friendly. Every piece is optimized to rank well in search engines, enhancing your website’s visibility and increasing organic traffic.

Local News Articles

Local news feeds often breathe life into certain websites, a feat that may pose difficulties for some. At Newsguru, we’ve got you covered. Our dedicated team specializes in sourcing and delivering high-quality local news data for our AI to craft into compelling stories. If you need a tailored local news feed, don’t hesitate. Open a support ticket here, detailing your preferred location (country and state), and let us handle the rest. Please note that this unique service is unavailable in the Starter Plan.