Newsguru in Action


Digital Finance News, a portal dedicated to the world of cryptocurrency, has embraced the capabilities of NewsGuru’s ‘Newsroom’ plan to boost its market presence. Through a focused approach using just one keyword – ‘cryptocurrency’, they’ve unlocked the potential of NewsGuru to churn out 25 original posts each day, adding up to an impressive 750 per month.

These posts, when shared on Twitter, help broaden their reach and nurture a community of dedicated followers. The rise in traffic provides a platform for Digital Finance News to organically introduce their own products or collaborate with affiliate schemes. With NewsGuru’s consistent flow of unique content, Digital Finance News is steadily building its influence in the market.




FGC Technology, a technology news hub, serves as a living testament to the prowess of NewsGuru. Crafted under the Professional Plan with a handful of carefully chosen technology-oriented keywords, FGC Technology exemplifies the simplicity and effectiveness of a well-executed news portal.

The site underscores the immense value of NewsGuru, enabling a consistent flow of fresh, engaging content without the substantial costs usually associated with hiring journalists and editors. It’s a straightforward yet powerful showcase of NewsGuru’s potential.

Our own site serves as an illustration of how a Business Plan with NewsGuru can elevate your web presence, captivating both users and search engines and adding a fresh vibrancy to your brand.

With a primary keyword like ‘Search Engine Optimisation’, we create a ceaseless flow of compelling, pertinent stories that cater to our clientele. Paired with our custom content, we ensure our site stays both informative for our users and enticing for search engines to frequently re-index.

Even Google acknowledges the value of high-quality content, regardless of its genesis. NewsGuru takes content creation a notch higher – it doesn’t merely rehash existing material. By tapping into a vast reservoir of daily data, we craft genuinely novel, information-rich, and eloquently composed content. This is precisely the kind of content Google seeks out when assigning a high site reputation.