Acquia Boosts Digital Experience Potential with Monsido Platform Acquisition

by | Nov 15, 2023

Acquia, a leading provider of digital experience platforms (DXP), has acquired the Monsido platform from CivicPlus to enhance its offerings. This integration aims to revolutionize the digital experience landscape, ensuring safety, accessibility, and availability for all users. Acquia focuses on optimized and compliant digital experiences, positioning itself as an industry frontrunner.

Monsido, a widely-used Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, improves website accessibility and performance. Its features in enhancing brand compliance and content accessibility make it valuable for Acquia.

The acquisition of Monsido significantly expands Acquia’s user base from CivicPlus, a provider of solutions used by 340 million individuals daily in the US and Canada. This presents an opportunity for Acquia to expedite time to market, increase engagement, conversion rates, and revenue. The acquisition aligns with Acquia’s vision of delivering the most open DXP available.

As a leader in digital innovation, Acquia empowers organizations to create seamless digital experiences. Monsido helps unlock customer data and content, assisting organizations in meeting legal and regulatory requirements.

In today’s digital landscape, a robust online presence is crucial for brands. Monsido optimizes websites and ensures brand and content compliance, aiding organizations in meeting consumer expectations. Its integration into Acquia’s offerings strengthens the company’s position as a comprehensive solution for exceptional digital experiences.

Acquia also gains U.S. state and federal government customers through the acquisition, further bolstering its leadership.

CivicPlus, with over 950 team members, has played a pivotal role in shaping the digital future through its open DXP built on the open-source Drupal platform. Its commitment aligns with Acquia’s goals.

The transaction between Acquia and CivicPlus is expected to be finalized in early Q1 2024, marking a significant milestone for Acquia’s digital experience solutions. Acquia ensures customers have the necessary tools for website optimization, user consent management, and compliant digital experiences.

Acquia’s own DXP, built on the open-source Drupal platform, is trusted by over 12,500 global entities seeking efficient digital experiences.

In conclusion, Acquia’s acquisition of the Monsido platform from CivicPlus expands its capabilities in the digital experience market. With Monsido’s features, Acquia equips organizations worldwide with tools for exceptional digital experiences. Acquia’s commitment to a safer, more accessible, and inclusive digital future is commendable. To learn more about Acquia and its digital experience solutions, visit their website at To explore CivicPlus’ digital experience offerings, visit their website at