Newsguru Client Newsletters Portal with Backlinks

by | Sep 26, 2023

We want Newsguru to be a powerful resource in your plans to build audience for your website. As part of this plan, we have added newsletters to the way Newsguru content can be distributed. This is part of an ongoing roadmap of increasing the value you get out of the unique news stories that Newsguru writes for you.

Newsletter Library

Newsletters are a tactic that can be used in 2 ways. The first is through the newsletter library on the Newsguru site. People considering the Newsguru service move around the site. Out of curiosity they will visit the newsletter page and if they think your newsletter is interesting they will drill down and read your articles. Your newsletter page has a backlink to your website. Because of Newsguru’s high domain authority, that backlink has value all on its own with search engine spiders.

How to get my newsletter included

Log in to the Newsguru app and click on the ‘connect button’ on the dashboard. Select ‘Edit newsletter’ You will need your web address, the name of your newsletter page and a logo oriented horizontally.

Email Newsletters

We are starting to build the API connections that will allow you to distribute your Newsguru newsletter directly to your followers via email. I will email you as we release APIs for the email service but if there is a handler you use just email me back and I’ll make sure the API development is in the build roadmap