Acquia’s Innovative Acquisition of Monsido Set to Transform Digital Accessibility and User Experience

by | Nov 17, 2023

Acquia, a top provider of digital solutions, has acquired the Monsido platform from CivicPlus, a leading tech provider for the public sector. This move aims to transform how organizations deliver digital experiences, aligning perfectly with Acquia’s vision of a better digital future.

In today’s competitive digital world, a strong digital experience is crucial for brand enhancement and customer loyalty. Acquia understands the importance of meeting consumer expectations for fast, intuitive online interactions. With Monsido now in its portfolio, Acquia can offer a complete solution for building, managing, and delivering optimized digital experiences.

Monsido is a top Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that specializes in monitoring and improving website accessibility, content quality, SEO, data privacy, and performance. Its capabilities empower marketers and website owners to ensure compliance with accessibility guidelines and legislation like the ADA. By integrating Monsido, organizations can meet legal requirements, fulfill social responsibility, and expand their market reach.

Monsido seamlessly integrates with any website or Acquia’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP). This integration enables organizations to create optimized, accessible digital experiences. Leveraging Monsido’s capabilities, businesses can enhance their online presence and set new performance and innovation benchmarks.

Acquia has always been dedicated to helping businesses improve by creating superior experiences. The acquisition of Monsido aligns perfectly with this mission, expanding Acquia’s DXP capabilities and emphasizing its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. Acquia aims to deliver the most open DXP in the industry, empowering customers to stay ahead in the digital landscape.

The partnership announcement took place at Engage Boston, Acquia’s flagship event for digital innovators. This acquisition represents a significant leap forward in digital experiences.

CivicPlus, thrilled to continue as a reseller, recognizes Monsido’s value as a tool for its U.S. local government customers. By serving these customers, CivicPlus ensures access to the latest digital advancements, enhancing their digital presence and community engagement.

With Monsido now part of Acquia, organizations can benefit from a suite of capabilities for website optimization and compliance. This acquisition strengthens Acquia’s position as a digital experience leader, committed to building a better digital future.

In conclusion, Acquia’s acquisition of Monsido is a milestone in digital experiences. By integrating Monsido’s capabilities, Acquia provides organizations with tools to deliver exceptional optimized and accessible digital experiences. This move aligns with Acquia’s vision of an open DXP and sets new benchmarks for performance, innovation, inclusivity, and accessibility. With Monsido in Acquia’s offering, businesses can stay ahead in the digital landscape and create superior experiences for customers.