Dentsu’s Merkle Singapore Secures a Three-Year Reappointment as Royal Brunei Airlines’ Digital Marketing Agency

by | Jul 11, 2024

1. Merkle Singapore has been reappointed as Royal Brunei Airlines’ digital marketing agency for another three years.
2. The agency will continue to provide a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services, including email and CRM, media, SEO, ASO, and data strategy consultation.
3. The renewed partnership focuses on leveraging digital solutions to meet the rising post-pandemic travel demand and enhance digital revenue.
4. Key executives from both companies, including Sabirin Hj Abdul Hamid and Susan Shim, expressed their confidence in Merkle Singapore’s ability to deliver seamless and personalized customer experiences.
5. Merkle Singapore has a proven track record, having developed integrated email and analytics platforms for Royal Brunei Airlines and received multiple industry accolades.

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As I sat down with Sanchit Mendiratta, Managing Director of CXM at dentsu Singapore and Chief Growth Officer at Merkle Southeast Asia, I was eager to delve into the recent reappointment of Merkle Singapore as the digital marketing agency for Royal Brunei Airlines. The atmosphere was relaxed, yet professional, as we discussed what this renewed partnership means for both companies over the next three years.

Sanchit began by sharing his genuine gratitude for Royal Brunei Airlines’ continued trust in Merkle Singapore. “We’ve been working with Royal Brunei Airlines for a decade now,” he said, his tone reflecting both pride and responsibility. “This reappointment is not just a testament to our past performance but also an exciting opportunity to further elevate their digital marketing strategies.”

He went on to explain that Merkle Singapore will be providing a broad range of digital marketing services, including email and customer relationship management (CRM), media, search engine optimization (SEO), app store optimization (ASO), and data strategy consultation. “Our goal is to leverage these services to meet the rising post-pandemic travel demand,” Sanchit elaborated, “and to boost Royal Brunei Airlines’ digital revenue.”

One of the most striking aspects of our conversation was the emphasis on the airline’s need to adapt to the changing landscape of travel and technology. Sabirin Hj Abdul Hamid, CEO of Royal Brunei Airlines, had earlier mentioned the importance of partnering with a forward-thinking agency to stay competitive. Sanchit echoed this sentiment, emphasizing, “We aim to help them maintain a leading position in the market by utilizing advanced digital solutions.”

As we delved deeper into the specifics, Sanchit highlighted the pivotal role that data and strategy consultation will play in this renewed partnership. “Having built solid data foundations over the past years, we are now in a position to drive data-driven decision-making,” he noted. “Our focus will be on hyper-personalization to optimize their digital marketing efforts.”

I was particularly interested in how the partnership had evolved, especially given the challenges posed by the pandemic. Susan Shim, Vice President of Digital at Royal Brunei Airlines, had earlier remarked on Merkle Singapore’s supportive role during this period. Sanchit provided additional insights, saying, “During the global travel halt, we remained a close consultation partner, focusing on future-proofing their go-to-market customer strategy. This period allowed us to refine our approach and be better prepared for the post-pandemic travel surge.”

The conversation also touched upon the broader impact of Merkle Singapore’s work. Sanchit mentioned that besides Royal Brunei Airlines, Merkle Singapore has held long-standing client relationships with major brands like Grab, Income Insurance, and Shopee. “Our expertise isn’t limited to the airline industry,” he said. “We apply our digital marketing prowess across various sectors, which gives us a unique edge in delivering tailored solutions.”

As our interview drew to a close, Sanchit reflected on the future targets for this renewed partnership. “We’re looking ahead to achieving greater milestones on digital channels and higher revenue goals for Royal Brunei Airlines,” he concluded, his optimism evident. “The next three years will be about pushing boundaries and setting new standards in digital marketing.”

As I left the interview, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of admiration for the collaborative spirit between Royal Brunei Airlines and Merkle Singapore. Their shared vision and commitment to leveraging digital solutions promise not only to meet but exceed the expectations of the modern traveler.