Direct Booking Summit: Amplifying Hotel Direct Bookings to Minimize Online Agent Reliance

by | Aug 26, 2023

In the fast-paced hospitality industry, hotel owners face a challenge: how can they increase direct bookings without relying on online travel agents (OTAs)? Luckily, a game-changing event is coming to Chicago. This event aims to give hotel owners the tools and insights they need to improve their direct booking strategies and take control of their revenue.

Unlike other conferences, the Direct Booking Summit focuses solely on empowering hotel owners. It provides a great platform for industry experts to come together, share knowledge, make connections, and strategize with the common goal of advancing the Direct Booking Movement. By engaging with peers, discussing challenges, identifying opportunities, and creating strategies for success, hotel owners have a great chance to learn from each other and collaborate in a competitive market.

The summit offers a variety of sessions and workshops led by industry experts covering a wide range of topics. These sessions include AI tools for hotel SEO content, AB testing, revenue optimization, and the use of AI in the hospitality industry. The insights shared in these sessions are practical and actionable, allowing hotel owners to quickly implement strategies to improve their direct booking performance.

But the value of the summit goes beyond the educational sessions. Attendees leave the Direct Booking Summit with personalized plans for success. Each hotel receives a three-month plan, a six-month plan, and a five-year plan tailored to their specific needs. These plans serve as comprehensive blueprints for implementing the strategies discussed during the event, ensuring that attendees have a clear roadmap to follow when they return to their properties.

One notable feature of the Direct Booking Summit is its exclusive nature. The event strictly limits attendance to OTAs or irrelevant third parties, creating an environment focused solely on empowering hotel owners and encouraging open and honest discussions. This unique atmosphere allows for deeper sharing and collaboration among participants, as they can freely discuss their challenges and seek advice from industry experts and peers.

A key element of the summit’s success is the presence of Triptease’s Direct Booking Coaches. These experienced industry experts offer tailored advice and provide access to exclusive benchmarking data. This allows hotel owners to measure their performance against industry standards and identify areas for improvement. The personalized guidance from these coaches ensures that attendees can make the most of their experience at the Direct Booking Summit and gain actionable insights to boost their direct bookings.

Sanovnik Destang, the respected managing director of Bay Gardens Resorts, emphasizes the importance of the Direct Booking Summit. He highlights that no other conference worldwide is solely dedicated to improving direct bookings. This underscores the exceptional nature of the event and the value it brings to hotel owners looking to refine their direct booking strategies.

In a time when OTAs dominate online travel distribution, the Direct Booking Summit offers hope for hotel owners seeking to regain control over their bookings. By strengthening their digital marketing, sales, and revenue strategies, hotel owners can reduce their reliance on OTAs and increase profitability.

The excitement among hotel owners as they prepare for the Direct Booking Summit in Chicago is a testament to its transformative potential. It promises to empower hotel owners to embrace new technologies, share insights, and create a future where direct bookings thrive.

In an industry that constantly adapts to the demands of the digital age, the Direct Booking Summit provides a unique opportunity for hotel owners to gain a competitive edge. By participating in this groundbreaking event, hotel owners can equip themselves with the knowledge and strategies needed for long-term success in the ever-changing hospitality industry. The Direct Booking Summit goes beyond a typical conference; it is a transformative experience that will shape the future of direct bookings for hotel owners worldwide.