Gartner Forecasts AI as a Transformative Force in Marketing Tactics

by | Feb 20, 2024

The world of digital marketing is on the brink of a big shift, as artificial intelligence (AI) starts to power major changes. The well-known firm Gartner has shared some predictions that could change the way marketing strategies work. These predictions have caught the attention of industry leaders and signal that businesses need to get ready for the coming changes in the digital world.

Gartner predicts that by 2026, search engine traffic could drop by 25%. This prediction has made waves in the marketing industry. It points to the growing power of AI-driven answer engines, like ChatGPT, which could change how search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising work. The rise of AI is leading to more interactive and conversational ways of searching, moving away from the old way of just typing in queries and getting responses. This new way of finding information through AI is attracting consumers and might challenge the big names in search engines, leading to a new era of digital questions and answers.

This change is very important for companies that rely on SEO for their marketing. The message from Gartner is clear: companies need to use different marketing approaches to adapt to the upcoming AI changes. They have to choose—either update their strategies to fit the new digital trends or fall behind in a world where customer preferences and technology are closely connected.

At the center of this change is the growing trust in AI-created content, which might soon be more trusted than traditional search results. As AI becomes more popular, companies need to update their digital image to match what consumers want, which is more AI conversations. By 2026, AI search helpers might become the top choice for finding information, pushing brands to move quickly and smartly in this new marketing world.

Gartner’s insights show that companies need to act fast to prepare for AI’s bigger role in search technologies. It’s important to find new marketing ways and be leaders in innovation. Companies that use AI well in their marketing could get ahead in a market focused on AI.

However, the digital world is always changing quickly, with consumer habits and technology constantly evolving. This means that marketing strategies need to be flexible and ready to change fast. Even though AI is set to change how we search, SEO and PPC are still valuable, driving sales and keeping customers engaged. As businesses explore AI search technologies, blending old methods with new AI tactics will be key to connecting with and keeping their customers.

In short, Gartner’s predictions point to a new era in marketing, with AI at the forefront of guiding companies to success. As AI-powered search becomes more common, brands that take advantage of this technology and try new marketing strategies could become leaders in the digital space. With 2026 getting closer, it’s important for businesses to change, grow, and do well in the upcoming world of AI search—a time that will redefine marketing itself.