Google Probes ‘Failed Hostload Exceeded’ Error Affecting User Experience

by | Oct 24, 2023

The “failed hostload exceeded” error in Google Search Console’s URL Inspection Tool has caused frustration for many website owners. This error occurs when users try to use the “request indexing” feature, leading to a desperate search for answers. Unfortunately, Google has not provided an official explanation or timeline for fixing the issue.

Despite the lack of clarity, Google has assured users that normal indexing still works. This means that websites will still appear in search results. Website owners can take comfort in the fact that Google can still find and crawl their content through links, sitemaps, and other methods.

John Mueller from Google Search has shed some light on the investigation into the error. He believes it is caused by spammers overloading the indexing feature, causing it to crash for affected users. It’s important to note that encountering the error doesn’t mean Google considers the user a spammer.

While the error may be distressing for some, Mueller’s reassurance that normal indexing is unaffected is hopeful. Website owners can focus on other important SEO tasks, like creating new content and improving user experience, to attract organic traffic.

It’s worth mentioning that not all users of Search Console experience the error, adding complexity to the issue. Google is working to find the cause and develop a resolution for all affected users, but there is no timeline provided.

Website owners looking for quick fixes will be disappointed, as there is no immediate solution. The responsibility lies with Google to address the issue as it stems from spammers abusing the indexing feature.

While a swift resolution is desired, it’s important to remember that Google’s normal crawling and indexing processes are still working. This means that websites can still be discovered and indexed without relying solely on the indexing feature. Website owners should focus on creating valuable content for their target audience.

As Google continues to investigate and resolve the error, website owners should stay updated on official announcements. Google’s transparency can help alleviate concerns and provide necessary information.

In conclusion, the “failed hostload exceeded” error in Google Search Console’s URL Inspection Tool remains an issue. While the cause is being investigated, normal indexing is unaffected. Website owners should focus on essential SEO tasks and trust in Google’s content discovery methods. Stay informed and patient as Google works towards a resolution.