Google’s Latest Policy Shift Opens Doors for Online Betting Ads in North Carolina

by | Feb 10, 2024

Google Ads’ Recent Policy Update: New Opportunities for Online Gambling Ads in North Carolina

In a recent update, Google Ads announced a policy change that will have a significant impact on the promotion of online gambling content in North Carolina. Starting from February 8, certified, state-licensed companies will now be able to run sports betting ads on the platform. This is a big moment for online gambling, offering exciting opportunities for advertisers in the region.

To ensure compliance and responsible advertising, Google’s policy update comes with guidelines and application forms for both privately-licensed operators and state-run entities. Getting certified is an important step for advertisers.

For privately-licensed operators, certification involves completing an online form found in the Google Ads Help Center. This form collects important details like the operator’s website, Google Ads customer ID, and the specific country they are targeting. Social casino game operators need to submit separate forms for each country they want to target.

State-run entities seeking certification must complete a different form. This form requires the entity’s website and a clear indication that certification is being sought for advertising purposes. Providing accurate and complete information is crucial to avoid delays in the certification process.

Once the application form is submitted, Google will assess the eligibility of the applicants. Advertisers must provide comprehensive and accurate details to speed up the process. Without certification, sports betting campaigns cannot be promoted on Google Ads.

Google’s decision to accept and run sports betting ads in North Carolina shows the growing popularity and legalization of online gambling in the state. By allowing state-licensed entities to advertise, Google supports the local industry and emphasizes responsible advertising.

It’s important to note that this policy update only applies to North Carolina, and advertisers must comply with the state’s regulations. Advertisers must meet all requirements and hold the necessary licenses to operate in the region. This localized approach allows Google to align its policies with different legal frameworks.

Certification is essential for both state-run gambling entities and privately-licensed operators who want to promote online gambling content and sports betting ads on Google Ads. Advertisers who meet the criteria will have access to a wider audience, increasing their visibility and potential customer base.

In conclusion, Google Ads’ recent policy update opens up new opportunities for online gambling advertisers in North Carolina. Privately-licensed operators and state-run entities should complete separate application forms to get certified and comply with local regulations. Advertisers must provide accurate information to avoid delays. This update allows Google to accept and run sports betting ads from certified, state-licensed entities while maintaining responsible advertising practices. With this new era of online gambling advertising, advertisers can expand their market presence and reach their target audience more effectively.