Marriott Revamps SEO Tactics to Dominate Digital Hospitality in 2022

by | May 28, 2024

In a strategic move to maintain its leading position in the highly competitive hospitality industry, Marriott Hotels has embarked on an ambitious journey to transform its online presence. Under the expert guidance of Stephanie Smith, Founder of Cogwheel Marketing, Marriott has implemented a comprehensive overhaul of its SEO tactics. This initiative aims to enhance the brand’s visibility on search engines and cement its reputation as a pioneer in digital innovation. Central to this endeavor is a meticulous, data-driven approach that improves on-site content, refines off-site strategies, and incorporates technical optimizations.

The foundation of Marriott’s enhanced SEO strategy lies in its commitment to data-driven decision-making. Utilizing powerful analytical tools such as Moz, SEMRush, and Screaming Frog, Marriott gains invaluable insights into its current online performance. These tools help identify areas ripe for improvement, enabling more effective optimization. For those operating on a tighter budget, even manual searches in an incognito window can provide useful information about keyword rankings and competitive positioning. The ECM1 report further supports this strategy by offering a comprehensive overview of total organic traffic across Marriott’s extensive network of hotels, guiding the brand toward informed decisions.

Marriott’s on-site SEO strategy is meticulously crafted to attract and engage relevant traffic. This begins with the strategic alignment of keywords with demand generators—terms and phrases most likely to draw potential guests. Each page on Marriott’s website features unique title tags infused with strategic keywords, while meta descriptions are carefully composed to highlight each property’s unique selling propositions. Post-launch, Marriott ensures that SEO for modules is updated to unlock additional content opportunities. Regular updates to content and header tags in the Product Catalog maintain the site’s relevance and prominence in search results, keeping the brand at the forefront of digital excellence.

Following a significant revamp of its URL structure, Marriott undertakes a thorough audit of all listing URLs and backlinks to prevent disruptions in online visibility. Effective interlinking of pages within the Marriott site enhances both navigation and user experience, making it easier for visitors to find the information they need. Cultivating relevant backlinks from authoritative websites and local demand generators is another critical aspect of Marriott’s off-site SEO strategy. These backlinks not only drive traffic but also elevate website rankings, reinforcing Marriott’s commitment to sustained growth in online visibility.

Marriott adheres to stringent guidelines that prohibit code modifications on its websites, ensuring that technical optimizations are both seamless and compliant with industry standards. Changes in the URL structure trigger Google’s re-indexing process, making it crucial that updated pages are accurately reflected in search results. Optimizing OTA listings and staying abreast of industry best practices are integral to Marriott’s holistic SEO strategy, ensuring that every facet of the brand’s online presence is finely tuned for maximum visibility.

In the cutthroat landscape of the hospitality sector, SEO serves as a potent tool for Marriott, differentiating its brand marketing efforts. By adhering to best practices and keeping pace with emerging industry trends, Marriott solidifies its status as a frontrunner in digital excellence. The transition from the EPIC system to the Product Catalog for SEO updates exemplifies Marriott’s forward-thinking approach, enabling the brand to continually optimize its online presence and maintain its competitive edge.

Marriott’s strategic leap into SEO optimization underscores its unwavering dedication to digital innovation and excellence. By prioritizing on-site, off-site, and technical SEO strategies, Marriott not only solidifies its position as an industry trailblazer but also sets a benchmark for others to follow. As businesses worldwide navigate the complexities of SEO, Marriott stands as a beacon of success, demonstrating how data-driven decision-making and a commitment to innovation can propel brands to new heights of online prominence.

For further inquiries or insights into Marriott’s cutting-edge SEO strategies, Stephanie Smith can be reached at +1 540 239 1052. Stay tuned for more updates on Marriott’s digital evolution and the latest trends shaping the world of SEO optimization.