Next Net Media Secures Forefront Position with Purchase of

by | Oct 26, 2023

Next Net Media, a major player in the digital marketing industry, has recently acquired This partnership aims to revolutionize link-building strategies, benefiting both companies’ clients and propelling Next Net Media to new heights.

Link-building is crucial for SEO as it improves online visibility and drives organic traffic. With the addition of, Next Net Media aims to provide more effective digital marketing strategies by integrating their resources and expertise.

Next Net Media is known for providing comprehensive digital marketing solutions to over 200,000 websites. The acquisition of further demonstrates their commitment to excellence, as the company has a strong track record in link-building for well-known brands.

Marc Hardgrove, Next Net Media’s CEO, expressed excitement about the acquisition, stating, “This acquisition is a significant step forward in our quest to offer the best link-building solutions to our clients. brings expertise, a talented team, and a strong portfolio of clients.”

The integration of’s resources will provide Next Net Media clients with a broader toolbox to enhance their online presence. This partnership will strengthen SEO strategies as both companies combine their research capabilities.

In addition to, Next Net Media has acquired other SEO companies and freelance marketplaces. With these digital marketing tools, Next Net Media positions itself as a comprehensive solution for online marketing.

Marc Pickren, Next Net Media’s President, assured clients of a seamless transition and continued excellence in digital marketing services. This acquisition aligns with Next Net Media’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions.

The acquisition of marks a significant milestone for Next Net Media, expanding their offerings and solidifying their position as a market leader. Clients can expect a comprehensive approach to their digital marketing needs with a focus on effective link-building strategies.

As Next Net Media and collaborate, the industry can anticipate groundbreaking developments in digital marketing. This acquisition sets the stage for Next Net Media to revolutionize link-building strategies and drive success for their clients.

In conclusion, the acquisition of by Next Net Media cements their position as a market leader. This strategic move combines the expertise, resources, and client portfolios of both companies, enabling Next Net Media to deliver comprehensive and effective digital marketing solutions. With an expanded toolbox and enhanced research capabilities, Next Net Media is poised to shape the future of link-building and drive success for businesses in the online landscape.