Unbound Partners with Cookiebot to Transform Digital Privacy Compliance

by | Feb 19, 2024

At the forefront of innovative business solutions, Unbound has started an exciting partnership with Cookiebot that aims to transform how we manage online privacy. This partnership combines Cookiebot’s advanced technology with Unbound’s forward-thinking services, helping clients navigate the tricky landscape of privacy laws. This moment marks a significant change in how we approach privacy strategies in the digital world.

Quentin Weber, the sharp owner and Director of Unbound, understands the importance of privacy compliance in today’s digital market. With this in mind, Unbound has teamed up with Cookiebot, a leader in privacy protection. This move shows Unbound’s dedication to giving its clients the tools they need to concentrate on their marketing efforts without worrying about privacy legalities.

A key feature of this partnership is Unbound’s role as the only certified seller of Cookiebot solutions in New Zealand. This gives Unbound’s customers special access to cutting-edge compliance tools that meet various privacy laws, such as New Zealand’s Privacy Act (2020), the GDPR/ePR, and the CCPA. This certification gives businesses confidence that they’re upholding top privacy standards.

The urgent need for strict privacy compliance is clear in the current digital environment. Challenges like the “Cookiepocalypse” and updates to Google’s consent framework highlight the importance of data protection. Ignoring privacy compliance can lead to hefty fines and a loss of consumer trust, which is crucial in a market increasingly worried about data privacy.

Unbound and Cookiebot are leading this charge by giving clients a better understanding of their audience while tackling compliance risks. With Cookiebot’s technology, Unbound makes navigating privacy regulations easier. Their goal is to simplify the compliance process, ensuring businesses keep their edge in a data-centric economy.

Unbound’s clients can now be confident that their online activities are protected from privacy issues. Adding Cookiebot’s technology to Unbound’s services reduces the chance of advertising efforts being disrupted by privacy concerns. This improves compliance and helps businesses connect more deeply with their audience.

In a time when data privacy is paramount, the partnership between Unbound and Cookiebot is a model of innovation, paving a new way for managing online privacy. Unbound is setting new standards for privacy in the digital age by proactively providing top compliance tools.

This partnership is about more than just following rules; it’s about moving towards a culture where privacy management is active, and trust and openness are key to customer relationships. In a fast-changing market, it’s alliances like the one between Unbound and Cookiebot that meet current needs and prepare for future ones, ensuring benefits for businesses and consumers. Unbound is not just answering the call for compliance but is also influencing the standards that will define the future of online privacy.